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RII 2005-06-02

New cartoons are posted.  Good ones.  Not like the ones like last week though.  Those were the best.  Except these are even better.  The one about the robot last week was funny though.  Hey!  If you like the site, tell your friends.  That's the way trends get started.  Or at least cult followings.  Who out there likes comets?  Anyone? Beware if I ever ask you to drink something.  Or become a eunuch.

Anyway, so one of my good friends told me that what my website really needed was something to imply that it was...I guess really uninteresting and boring.  And how!  To that end, I have created the cute little graphic below of a tumbleweed.  Nature's unloved, bastard son, the tumbleweed is in the lizard family, and they come from the moons of Iego, I think.  I've heard the deep-space pilots talk about them.  But seriously, my website is getting enough hits to satisfy me.  I have LOW expectations.  

Now it's time for the thing you just can't avoid, like your crazy uncle Ernie who tends to get a little drunk and starts telling you about his hernia operation--it's this week's horoscope! If your birthday falls between June 2nd and June 8th: Don't hold back.  Dance!  You feel it in your fingers and your toes.  The music makes the electric impulses surge through your body like fat people to a buffet.  Don't stop, don't ever stop.  Unless you're unattractive or a horrible dancer.  In which case, give up now, no one wants to see that.

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