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RII 2005-06-24

Well, well, well.  It's time once again for everyone's favorite activity, site updates.  Woooo!  Can you feel the awesome power?!?  I mean really!  This is almost as exciting as that time you saw Bea Arthur naked! Before you get huffy, remember I said almost.  Anyway, if good things come in twos then today's your lucky day.  There are two new cartoons and two new plays! (By popular demand).  That's really all. Two new things.  Squared!  That's four for all you non-math majors out there.

I didn't see any movies this week to review, but my girlfriend said that the movie "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez was pretty good.  I asked her how much J-Lo had paid her to say that, but she keeps insisting she's serious.  There's a psychological phenomenon that when exposed to a stressful situation the human brain will cope in whatever way it can, sometimes by creating an elaborate fantasy world (such as in the movie Fight Club, only with less Brad Pitt, and more Meatloaf).  I believe that this is what happened in the "Enough" situation.  I think my girlfriend's brain thought: 'Made in Manhattan, the Wedding Planner, Money Train....Anaconda!!!!' and then rationalized it saying, 'hey, I must really like J-Lo to subject myself to this much pain, lum de dum I'm happy!!'

Anyway, crappy J-Lo (mmm Jello) movies aside, this week's horoscope is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter J: Words are made of letter people.  Let this phrase guide your way into next week where you will possibly find large amounts of money or something.

Finally keep in mind the Ask R2 (that's-a-me) advice is still in business and for the low-low price of FREE, you can ask me a question which I will probably answer.  Ask me anything.  Ask me about life or love or who would beat who in a fight.  I'm ready! Bring it.


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