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RII 2005-07-21

Not a whole lot going on this week.  Two new cartoons posted, so bonus there.

Other than that, I've mainly been working a lot and taking classes.  I haven't seen many movies this week, although I did rent "Ray".  It was pretty good, but it would have been cooler if instead of Ray Charles it was Ray from Ghostbusters.  I probably shouldn't say that too loud or they'll make number three.  Or they could take a cue from George Lucas and make a prequel.  Not that all prequels suck, because Batman Begins was awesome as hell.

Anyway, I've used up all of my witty comments today, so that means its horoscope time:  If your birthday falls between July 21 and July 27, great things await you.  Oh, sorry, I misread the tea leaves for a minute there, plus I didn't take into account Venus rising.  It should read grape things.  Grape things await you.  Like grapes, Vess Grape Soda (R), Grape Bubblicious Chewing Gum (R),  All the wine you wish to drink to make this amusing.  The only possible drawbacks would be if you were allergic to grapes, or hated grape flavored things like I do (stupid grapes). Well, have fun with that.  Your lucky number is 45.  Think Colt-.45 and Billy D. Williams. 


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