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RII 2005-08-05

Ok, so with the addition of the index messages to the cartoon pages, I thought it was redundant to have the whole months worth on the home page, so now all of these entertaining little bits of ignorable blather will be found on the individual cartoon archive pages.

A horrible thought struck me the other day.  With these little index messages I've become a blogger.  Only my stuff is funny.  Ha, ha, now everyone knows that's a lie.  At least I don't talk about what I had for breakfast, or what I did today.  Bloggers are all, breakfast, what I did today, breakfast, what I did today.  Sometimes current events.  Not me though!  No current events here.  I talk about relevant things.  Like movies with Brad Pitt.  See, a few weeks back I posted this message: "Angelina Jolie = Hot.  Brad Pitt = Hot.  Vince Vaughn, while not Hot, is still one of the best parts of the movie." (Referring to Mr. and Mrs. Smith).  Everyone I know has given me a hard time about the Brad Pitt part.  Let me clarify.  I am not saying that I personally find Brad Pitt attractive.  I'm saying that I would not be disappointed if I woke up tomorrow looking like Brad Pitt and women threw themselves at me. And they would.  Right now, women throw different things at me.  Things less like themselves, and more like, oh I don't know, rocks.  Hopefully that clears up that confusion.  Speaking of confusion, I want to see that new movie The Island.  That Ewan McGregor is seriously hot.  No wait!  I mean Scarlett Johansson! She's the hot one.  Heh-heh, that's right Obi-Wan, it can be our little secret.  It's amazing that I'm still typing.  

Well, that's all the new stuff going on in my life.  Except for the fact that I got a new job.  It's still not the super-career that I'm waiting for, but its higher profile.  Oh, and by the way, I had cereal for breakfast, and I spent the day reading and drawing cartoons to keep all you fine readers happy.


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