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RII 2005-08-26

Two new cartoons posted today. That's precisely one more cartoon than one cartoon, and two more than zero! You lucky wundermuffins. I'll bet that you're asking yourself how in the hell you got so lucky.  Well the reason is that I just don't know. Keeping up with the site is hard work.  Drawing the cartoons and coloring them takes a while, so between work and school its hard to always find the time to do them.  I'm thankful that I already have the concepts for a whole mess of them.

See, I started coming up with these cartoons in 2000 or 2001 sometime.  The majority of the originals are done on notebook paper, college rule. A few dozen are done on receipt paper from one of the stores that I worked at. Sorry store. Most have incredibly crappy drawings (not at all like the ones I have posted?) and typos and the like. The versions on this site are more true to what I really wanted them to be, so I try extra hard. I'm also working on improving my techniques so I can really get the rendering correct, and have really great, dramatic artwork.

Let me know what you like/dislike about the cartoons. Is the artwork working, or does it need something else? Requests to make the cartoons funnier will sadly not (cannot?) be met.

On a more personal note, if your birthday falls between 8-26 and 9-1, you are a fantastic individual. Really, really first rate. The stars are your oyster and the world is something, something. Animals love you, flowers bloom when you pass, and you are cooler than the casts of the Cosby Show, Friends, Sex and the City, the Sopranos, and Seinfeld all rolled into one, and--heh, no I can't even say that with a straight face. You're a VIRGO buddy. Practical and diligent? That'll take you far!! Good luck in life, pal!


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