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RII 2005-09-02

One new cartoon in the new cartoons section. Consider yourself lucky. Now you feel fat and sassy. Big things are definitely turning in your direction. Speaking of which, that is this weeks horoscope. With one addendum. By "things" I mean a 16-wheeler. Better start praying.

RII 2005-09-02

Ok, so here's the new plan. Up until this point, I have been able to keep up with drawing, coloring and posting 2 new cartoons each week, but I'm finding it hard to accomplish that much with my new workload in school and  I don't want to skip weeks, so I'm going to shoot for one new cartoon each week, with 2 as I am able to. Some weeks there may be none, but check because I'm going to try as hard as I can. I feel an enormous amount of pressure to get this right. I really want to win that car.

My plan is to continually have the newest 2 cartoons on the "newcartoons" page. Hopefully this works for everyone. If not, I know where you can stick it. I'd tell you where, but this is a family oriented site. At least I'm pretty sure that's true...I know plenty of kids who view these cartoons and go out and attempt to do all of the things that they read. Maybe that's why I always get so many angry letters from parents.

That gives me an idea. Maybe I can get a whole bunch of cheap child labor and begin knocking out cartoons by the bushel-full. If that happens, I'll start posting 2 a week again. Until that sweet, sweet day, when I can force children to do my work for tuppence a week, the teaming masses will have to settle for what I can crank out. Damn government and their arbitrary laws.

If your birthday falls between 9-2-05 and say the same time next week, here is this week's horoscope. In...reverse! .gold solid of made house a given be will and lottery the win will else Someone (Kind of makes you sorry you took the time to read this, huh?)


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