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On the Subject of…the Robot Rebellion

So it begins. I haven’t had the time recently to update the site, so I’m a little late posting this*. It appears that the robot rebellion has started, although not with quite the gusto I was expecting. I mean…I’ve always known this day would come, but I guess I was overly romanticizing it by expecting Skynet or the Cylons, or at the very least the Daleks.

It turns out the robot rebellion has begun in Sweden (Ooh birdy-birdy in the pot-pot) where a “malfunctioning” robot attacked and almost killed one of its workers in a factory near Stockholm. You can read the complete article here, but the gist is that the robot’s job was to lift rocks. One day a guy turned the robot off and then went to work on it and the robot “suddenly came to life and grabbed a tight hold of the victim's head. The man succeeded in defending himself but not before suffering serious injuries.”

I have only one thing to say about this. The guy was able to “defend himself?” What a freakin’ lame robot. Plus, the big question is the robot’s motives. If it thought “rock” and tried to move him, then it’s just a case of that guy and that robot being stupid. If the robot thought “die meat sack”, grabbed his head and then hacked into the payroll system, found out where his family lived and then made plans to go after them next, then it changes things dramatically. I hope President Obama is preparing the military as we speak.

Exterminate, exterminate,


*Yes, you’ve reasoned correctly. In the event of an actual war or apocalypse this is probably not the best place to go for news.

P.S. Six new plays!!!



On the Subject of…Bupkiss

Not a lot to say to day...I wrote several new plays (awesome!) and posted a new cartoon (there's cacti in it!). That kind of hard work comes with a price. About eleven cents. And a complete running out of clever things to say here in this post. I can't even find anything funny to say about President Obama creating a Cyber Czar or about how the FBI e-mail system has been hacked and unusealbe for the past week. I can't seem to find words to describe how much it tickles me that someone is finally giving the 419 scammers out there a taste of their own medicine. I can't even find the strength to go on a fear-inspired tirade about North Korea. Overall...I'm just feeling pretty tired and unfunny right now. Perhaps I'll go have some lunch, watch a bit of TV and see how I feel in a little while. Of course once I've relaxed for a while, I'll probably want to go out and enjoy my Saturday night. I'm sorry, but you can't come with me. Unless you're someone who regularly comes with me. Or someone really interesting. Like a stalker. Or the country's new Cyber Czar.

Easy peasy ,


P.S. Five new plays!!!


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