Due to literally tens of requests, I have decided to post my bio so that everyone may know who I am and what I am about.


About Me and This Site

I started this site in 2005 as an outlet to allow me to display some of the sarcastic, witty or just plain dumb cartoons and plays that I've created over the years. In them, I often talk about feeling like I'm sitting at the nexus between the weird and the bizarre. Isn't that life?

And if you're anything like me, you've spent a great deal of the time since you were born hoping for something amazing to happen to you, like Neo in "the Matrix", only less Keanu Reeves and more...and just less Keanu Reeves.  Didn't we (don't we still) always wish that we had some super power? I think deep down that's why we watch TV and movies and read books. It's escapism. It's a superpower of a sort. A hat that we wear for a little while, solve a murder, learn to bake a cake, become a tween on a sparkly adventure (shudder) or don some maroon and gold and chase a little golden ball around a field on broomsticks.

This site is an escape of sorts for me because it allows me to be as ridiculous as I want and yet, and this is important, still not be as ridiculous as reality. Plus it's court ordered. It was either this or coach a junior hockey team and I said $%@# that.


Some of the books that have influenced me the most are:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, the Terry Pratchet collection, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and anything Michael Crichton (sp. Jurassic Park).  Beyond this I also read a lot of comics/cartoons such as: The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and Dilbert.  Because I was born in 1980, and my dad worked for a major computer company, we had some of the first PC computers and text based video games.  This forced me to actually imagine things.  You should try it.

I also grew up with a lot of TV shows and movies, but I'm going to run through the gamut of the best and the funniest:  the Simpsons, Family Guy, Firefly, Psych, Castle, the Muppet Show, Star Wars, LoTR, Futurama, Aqua Teen HF, SNL, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, the Professional, the Crow, Fight Club, Indiana Jones, Kill Bill, the Adams Family, Seinfeld, Kung Fu TLC, MacGyver, Monty Python and many more.

You may have begun to see where some of my sense of humor and timing have come from, but funny is made up of more than that.  There are more dimensions.  Surprise is funny, exaggeration is funny, meanness is funny, and so are things that are bitter, cynical, and sarcastic.  All of these things stem from imagination and sense of humor combined with reading the news and spending 30-40 hours a week in high school/college working in retail.  At least that's what I've found.



Powers: Art, sarcasm, being a mother $%@#ing sorcerer, rock, comittment, audacity, courage (in the face of) and keen physical prowess.

Likes: Biology, animals, art, the environment (and doing stuff in it), helping people, cake, palm trees and you.

Dislikes: Ham, bigots, snow/cold, DBs.

Settling a score : Ninjas are superior to pirates. Ninjas are superior to vampires (who are also superior to pirates). They're all better than Carrot Top. Vampires are more charming than ninjas, but ninjas don't bother with things like "talking" and "expressing their feelings". If a vampire is hunting you...you'll know because there will be a vampire hunting you. If a ninja is hunting you...you'll know because you are dead.

That's all for now.  I'll update it as time goes on.  Send in questions and I may put the answers here for all to see.  Go to the "contact me" page to send an e-mail.  I don't care what the question is.

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