Chef – Now, it’s vitally important that you pay careful attention.

Chef in Training – Right!

Chef – (demonstrates a technique) Got it?

Chef in Training – (nodding) Yes, pretty boring though.

Chef – Sometimes to break the monotony I try to get people to eat strange things.

Chef in Training – Explain.

Chef – For example, this customer ordered chicken and rice. See this meat?

Chef in Training – Yes.

Chef – Not chicken. Not even in the same scientific genus. In fact, you may not even be able to find it in any science book.

Chef in Training – (writing feverishly in his notebook) Excellent.

Chef – One time, I even got someone to eat a whole dog.

Chef in Training – How did you do that?

Chef – I told him it was a rare fish.

Chef in Training – (pondering)I can see that.

Chef – You see Chef in Training, people are very stupid.

Chef in Training – So is this play.


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