(A city street)

Man – (gesturing toward a store) Let’s stop and look in here.

Woman – (sobbing, but entering the shop) What’s the use? We’ll never replace it.

Shopkeeper – Good morning, can I help you?

Man – Man, we’re looking for a new -

Woman – (interrupting) Honey look!

Man – Can it be?!?

Woman – It is! Our ottoman! (to the shopkeeper) Where did you get this?

Shopkeeper – (confused) It just showed up one day…

Man – I know it’s ours! It got out two weeks ago and we’ve looked everywhere!

Woman – We’ve been so lost without it!

Shopkeeper – I expect you would be.

Woman – (desperate) You have to believe us!

Shopkeeper – (Nodding) If I let you have it do you promise to leave and take the crazy with you?

Man – Absolutely! (pats his leg) Come on otto, it’s time to go home!

            (The ottoman follows the man and woman out of the store)

Shopkeeper – (nodding to himself) It is a good thing I’m drunk or that would have been really weird.


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