(Fade in on three men sitting at a table in a café arguing)

Man 1 – And I say I have the funniest name. I mean, it’s Horbble Thaupdinger.

Man 2 – Oh come on, my name is Thox Pork! That’s not exactly normal. It’s outrageous!

Man 3 – Alright. I hear the two of you arguing and all I can think is that both your names combined couldn’t top mine. Try this – my name is Acekabibble J. Monkeypants.

(Man 1 falls to the ground clutching his chest)

Man 2 – Wow. Ok, so that really is a pretty messed up name. Did Man 1 just have a heart attack?

Man 3 – (Glancing down) I think so…

Man 2 – Aren’t you a doctor?

Man 3 – I really wanted to be, but who would trust Dr. Monkeypants.

Man 2 – I certainly wouldn’t.


If you liked this, then you're as messed up as I am.

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