St. Patrick – (striding confidently into the town) I’ve done it chaps!

Commoner 1 – Who the bloody ‘ell are you, and what ‘ave yeh done?

St. Patrick – Why, I’m Patrick, and I’ve done something amazing!

Commoner 1 – Why aren’cha wearin’ any pants?

St. Patrick – Later my good man, later! For now it is time for incredible news! I have driven all the snakes out of Ireland!

Commoner 2 – What…with yer pants?

Commoner 1 – (Incredulously) Snakes?!?! Ireland ‘asn’t got any snakes laddie.

St. Patrick – Not anymore! I’ll be made a saint for sure!

Commoner 1 – Now come on, you can’t expect us teh believe that!

Commoner 2 – ‘old on, I saw a snake once.

Commoner 1 – Wha-? When did you ever see a snake?

Commoner 2 – Oh, I’ve seen lotsa snakes. I woulda sworn this place used ter be crawlin’ with ‘em.

Commoner 1 – It di’not!

St. Patrick – (Interrupting) I also invented the green beer and the prostitute. Care to join me?

Commoners – (shrugging) Alrigh’


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