SHORT PLAY 38 (or the history of Peeps ®)

(One day in the annals of history, a man sits alone eating a marshmallow)

Man – This marshmallow be a fine meal, says I.

Small Bunny – It would taste better if it looked like a small bunny.

Small Chick – Or maybe a baby chicken.

Small Bunny – (nodding) Mm hmm.

Twinkling Sugar Fairy – It would be even better if it were covered in twinkling sugar!!!

Bunny and Chick – (giggling) Sugar, sugar!!

Giant, Glittering, Pink and Yellow Dragon – I’m sure it would be even better if it was pink and yellow like me!!

Twinkling Sugar Fairy – Oh Yes, oh yes!

Bunny– (giggling) Yellow!

Chick – (giggling) Pink!

Glowing, Spinning, Ephemeral Orb of Wonder and Amazement – People are always laughing at you. You should kill them.

Bunny, Chick, Fairy and Dragon – (laughing) Kill, kill!

Man – No more LSD for me! (Tosses a bag over his shoulder and walks away).


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