(An apartment. A man enters)

Man – (incredulously) What are you doing?

Roommate – Watching Dukes of Hazzard.

Man – In your underwear?

Roommate – (shrugging) It’s how I roll.

Man – (pointing) What’s that?

Roommate – What? The cooler full of strawberry daiquiris or the goat?  

Man – There’s a goat?

Roommate – Yeah. In the bathroom.

Man – (utterly confused at this point) Why the hell is there a goat in the bathroom?!?

Roommate – Because he already destroyed half your room and I didn’t want him to ruin anything else.

Man – (slumping into a chair) My room? Dear God. Let me have one of those daiquiris.

Roommate – (handing him a daiquiri) I saved half of your stereo system.

Man – Fucking goat.

Roommate – Shhh.


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