(In a holdout bunker sometime in the future. There is gunfire and screaming in the background.)

Sarge – Well this is probably it boy…we’re probably going to die here. Best make your peace with God, ‘cause there’s nothing left to live for now.

Young Recruit – That’s a terrible thing to say!

Sarge – Why?

Young Recruit – Shouldn’t you be more optimistic? You know, say ‘Live or die let’s show these bastards the human spirit’?

Sarge – Boy, have you ever seen a robot? Have you seen what they can do? Them animatrons is strong. And smart as hell. I’m surprised they’re not already in here.

Young Recruit – Yeah, but we have something that they don’t. Love.

Sarge – You sayin’ you want to make out with me boy?

Young Recruit – Absolutely not…I mean…unless you want to.

Sarge – (shoots himself)

Young Recruit – (pulls of a mask to reveal that he’s really a robot) Smart indeed.


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