(The Vatican)

Pope – (Flips open his cellular phone and dials)

God – (Activating his Bluetooth) Go ahead, you got the G-man.

Pope – Hey, it’s me. Quick question, do you know where I left my keys?

God – (Finishes confirming an order on You better believe I took those from you. You were way too drunk to drive last night.

Pope – (Swallowing an aspirin and downing a glass of water) Is that why I feel so rough today?

God – Prob’ly. Anyway, I’ll send Jesus by with the keys this afternoon.

Pope – Cool. Ask him if he’ll bring some of those chicken wings with him.

God – No probl – hold on a minute, there’s someone on the other line… (pause) … (clicking back over) Hey, I gotta let you go man, it’s Angie and she does not sound happy.

Pope – I really don’t know what you see in her. I mean, omnipotent diety ~ exotic dancer…It just doesn’t mesh.

God – The heart wants what the heart wants man. Anyway, I’ll see you next weekend buddy.

Pope – Take it easy.

God – Later.


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