SHORT PLAY 49 (an alternative)

(In a back room at the numbers bar)

Five – (panicked - to Seven) Oh shit, man. Oh, shit! Six knows man! He knows and he’s scared! It’s only a matter of time ‘till he goes to the cops!

Seven – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on slick, what does Six know?

Five – (looking around) He saw everything man! He saw you eat Nine man! He saw it!

Seven – (kicking over a table) Shit! I can’t…

            (Pounding on the door)

Police – Police!! Open the door!

Seven – (taking a deep breath) Fuck! This is bad! Ok, play it cool. We can get through this.

Five – (freaking out) Not this time, man. Not this time! (pulls a gun from his waist)

Seven – (taking a step back) What the hell are you doing!?!

            (The police burst through the door and Five opens fire taking out one officer. The police gun down Five. Seven rushes over to the dying Five pulling his own gun along the way and taking down the other officer. The previously fallen officer fires one last shot killing Seven.)

            (One week later…)

Maid – (walking into the back room and seeing four dead bodies and gallons of blood everywhere she shakes her head) I better get a goddamn raise for this shit. (she picks up a mop and bucket)


If you liked this, then you're as messed up as I am.

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