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RII 2005-09-18                 Meet the Characters

So, the first thing that everyone always wants to know is, is there a new cartoon? The one word answer, without trying to be overly verbose (i.e. wordy): Yes. This cartoon is a slight departure of my regular format (beyond the fact that it is a whopping 6 panels!) As it takes place outside of my regular first person approach. I have a feeling that I will be alternating approaches, some so people identify with me, and others so people will identify more with my other characters.

Speaking (writing?) about characters, I added the link above (in teal - sweet) so you can begin to familiarize yourself with the regular characters of my work. As I add new characters I will *try* to update the characters section.

While I was in an updating mood, I also added a new play, and will be adding several more in the near future. The play I added is short, but by far my favorite that I have done.

Anyway, let me know if you're liking everything...or licking everything. Doesn't matter to me.



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