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RII 2005-11-17                   Meet the Characters

So good news! If you type in  "aliens" "weird cartoons" and "hot-chicks" all into Google, my site is the first one that pops up! You don't get that everywhere. If you type in "bigfoot" "weird cartoons" and "hot-chicks" mine is currently the only site that comes up. Strange, I would have expected more. Even though I have been having bizarre hit counter related problems since I started this site, I can still check my bandwidth and usage statistics, and those say that I've been getting around 400 hits a month. That's quite a few if you're talking gold bricks or eye stabs, but not enough when you're talking website hits. I suggest insulting everyone you know who doesn't visit this site on a weekly basis. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't even visit this site on a weekly basis. Tell them that semi-annually is fine. You can also tell them that I posted two new cartoons this week, at least one of which is almost funny!! 

Speaking of the dead (?), Halloween was not too long ago, and in that sort of holiday spirit, some people I know took me to...a haunted house? No, better! A haunted history tour! Rock on peeps. It was fantastic! If you were Helen Keller and couldn't see or hear anything. It would have also helped if I had been doped up or dead myself, but we can't always get what we want. So the tour was this: We had dinner, and then learned how to "summon the light" to ward off the evil spirits, which appear as "a smudge, a mist, a shadow or a blur". If I had cataracts I would have been seeing ghosts all night. We then boarded a questionable trolley with a tour guide who may have well been a child molester or a used car salesman before he got this sweet gig. We traveled from creepy building to creepy building looking for spirits. The best was the haunted art gallery that had "once been a morgue. And a furniture store!" As we went into the art gallery, we noticed the trolley driver heading into the bar across the street. Most of us knew how he felt. You realize that his life really didn't pan out the way he thought it would. We also visited a creepy old house that we weren't allowed to go in. "Were the spirits in the house murdering people and hiding their bodies?", we asked. We were told, "No, the city condemned the place". I took a picture of the doorway in which we were told that a "ghost" was standing, but there was *surprise* nothing there. So I edited a ghost cat eating a ghost cupcake into the shot. It's better than the whole rest of my trip. If you want to see it click here. Anyway, now that Halloween has come and gone (I dressed up as someone who didn't give a rats ass because I didn't have any Halloween parties to go to), winter is now upon us. If the ghosts won't show themselves willingly, we'll freeze the bastards out.

RII 2005-11-24

I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving. It's only going to get better when I tell you that I put four new pictures in the artwork section, and four new plays in the writing repository. No new cartoons today, but those other things are pretty cool. If you like things on this site (or dislike something), want to see more of one thing or another, or just want to send me strange comments or questions, feel free! I appreciate all your suggestions and feedback.

Hopefully during this holiday weekend I'll be able to sit down for a good couple of hours and draw, scan, edit and colorize some of the cartoons that I have the text all ready for. See the process I usually go through is to come up with the initial idea, typically while sitting somewhere I'd rather not be. This sparks the sarcastic streak that runs deep in my soul. I then sketch the picture on whatever is handy, such as a receipt, a napkin, or most commonly, a piece of college-ruled notebook paper. This is probably the easiest part of the process. The hard part comes when I have to sit down and redraw and ink the better version. To see an example of what one of my originals looks like before I redraw it, click here. Not too impressive is it? The final version can be found in the archive or by clicking here. It not really that much more impressive is it? At least it's readable. Yes, find the silver lining. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look into my processes. Send me feedback!! Good or bad. Or just tell me how great you are. I don't care.

Horoscope: If your birthday falls between 11-23-2005 and 12-1-2005, you're probably still in bed. You also have a head at least 3 sizes too big, similar to Elaine on Seinfeld, and you smell o' cabbage. don't blame me, the planetary alignment dictated that it must be true. At least you can fall back on your personality. Buwaha-ha-ha.


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