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RII 2005-12-27                   Meet the Characters

Merry Christmas! Or happy holidays. Take your pick, whichever doesn't offend you. Whether you choose to believe in a monotheistic or "one God" worldview (i.e.Santa), or a polytheistic "more gods than I can shake a stick at" worldview (i.e. Zeus, Apollo, Mercury, Lexus, Grand Marquis, the Fonz, Shaggy, Mr. Clean, etc.), I think we should all still be able to get along. Anytime I hear people arguing over religion, or commenting on the fact that it's politically incorrect to say "Merry Christmas" (you should really say, "have a merry non-denominational December-centered festive time") I think to myself: 'If only everyone could agree that "Cheez-its" (R) are the best snack food of all time, life would be a lot better'. That way, you could just have one isle at the store focusing on Cheez-its, maybe next to the Yoo-hoo isle, and it would be one stop shopping. If you click here, you can see my version of the perfect store layout.
On a different note, I really do apologize for the long wait for new content. I recently got hired on full-time at work, in addition to trying to complete harder and harder classes in school. I posted two new cartoons (good ones) and got a chance during some down time to get a bit more accomplished with preparation for more new content. I really wish I could devote all of my attention to this site, but then again, I really like eating too.
I think that for now the compromise has to be that I focus on work and school, so I can afford to survive, and then use some of my free time to update this site. If you are patient with me, I will continue to put new content out as I get things done. Please send me feedback on what you do and don't like, and I'll do my best to see what I can do for you. For example, I was asked if I accepted fan art, and the answer is, I don't know! I guess I do, I just really don't have a place for it yet. As soon as I figure something out, I'll let you all know. For now, here is a piece of fan art from Shyla.


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