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RII 2006-01-27

There's a new cartoon posted out there, and I also got crazy and created the On the Subject Of Crest. Let me know what you think:

I was going for that sort of...prestigious university look. Not that anyone would ever come to me for any kind of schoolin'. Except for that's my strange. Anyway, not too much to report from my world. Work is ok, and I started eating healthier. Except for when I don't. Which is most of the time, which is why I'm trying to change. Baby steps, baby steps. Just like that movie, "What about Bob?"

Finally, in other news, someone at work and I calculated that in his prime, Elton John probably spent roughly 1 million dollars a month on cocaine. He was also doing it as often as every four minutes for a while (or so he says). This is marathon level drug use. It gave me an idea. I'm going to research the levels of drug use and report them to you next week. Stay in touch for that.


RII 2006-01-20

St. Louis weather. This sentence either carries with it great confusion, or instant understanding. Those of you who weren’t born in St. Louis, haven’t visited St. Louis, and don’t leave the house very much, probably don’t realize how crazy our weather is. Last Thursday it was 65 degrees in January, in the middle of winter. Friday it snowed. Saturday it was in the 50s and the snow was gone by Sunday. At some point, I fully expect a tsunami.
Speaking of tidal waves, let your mind be swept away by the latest updates to the site.

There’s a new cartoon, and a new play! Are they funny? Well the thing about that is...

In other news, have you seen the ads on television for these Faraday ® flashlights? They were named after Michael Faraday, the English physicist who studied electricity and magnetism and discovered that a magnet passing through a wire coil produced an electrical charge. These flashlights have a coil of wire inside, and as you shake them, a magnet passes through the coil generating power to light the light, so to speak. They really seem like a good idea in certain applications, such as for emergency use, because you can keep them in, let’s say, a crypt, for like a 5,000 years, and later come back, shake them, and find…the mummy’s treasure. But their use is very limited I suspect. For example, the X-files would have been a totally different show if these flashlights were used. Mulder and Scully would have been traveling through the spooky old house shaking their flashlights looking like Parkinson’s patients on crack. And just FORGET about trying to perform delicate surgery with one. After you were done your patient would look like a Manson victim. That’s 179 words On the Subject of flashlights. I’ve GOT to stop watching television.

Instead of a horoscope this week, I offer a piece of friendly advice. If you haven’t already, rent / buy the Jackie Chan movie, Drunken Master (the original). Unless you are Chinese, you won’t understand it, so don’t try. Instead, set it for 1.5 speed, and watch a keen display of physical prowess. You’ll be glad you did.


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