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On the Subject of…California

So I’ve been reading a little bit lately about how California is running out of money. For real-no foolin’. They’re writing IOUs and everything. So far, the banks have been cashing them, I guess because they’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature on them or something. But the banks are getting somewhat uneasy about cashing the things so at some point they’ve got to stop extending credit. The have a high home foreclosure rate and the state’s bonds were just decreased in rating to just above junk status. I’ve heard it was so bad that Mr. Schwarzenegger was talking about making another movie.

I’ve got a solution to all of the problems. Hookers and marijuana. Now, I’m about as anti-drug as they come, but it’s the perfect solution. By legalizing and taxing these things you draw people to the state and collect money from the production and sale of weed and from the income of the hookers. You fix the budget and the housing situation at the same time. You also make some South American drug cartels sad and you boost snack cake sales 500%. If that weren’t enough, the hookers would have to get tested for STDs so the state officials wouldn’t have to do some explaining to their wives about that rash. As an added bonus you free up room in the prisons in case you need to arrest everyone involved in a new Schwarzenegger film. It’s a foolproof plan.

Changing the subject completely, I posted an updated version of an old cartoon. I was never happy with the way that it worked and I redid the punchline. I promise this won’t start a trend of me going back and fixing things that were never broken. I’m not George Lucas. Hopefully you like the new version better. I do.

California knows how to party,



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